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/What Matters about Matter, the new smart home standard
What Matters about Matter, the new smart home standard


matter is a common language for smart home devices. It’s designed to simplify everything about the smart home, from purchase to setup and everyday use. Its biggest promise is making smart devices work with each other across platforms and ecosystems, no matter who made them.

This means no more checking for the “Works With” HomeKit, Google Home, or Alexa badges; Matter devices work with all of them and can be part of multiple platforms at the same time. You can control your Matter smart lighting, smart locks, and so forth with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Bixby, should you want to. It’s great for multiplatform homes. If you have an iPhone, your spouse has a Samsung phone, and your kid has a Fire tablet, you’ll all be able to control all your Matter devices and feel confident that any new Matter device you buy will work with every smart home platform you use.

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